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Nothing enhances business polo shirts or coaching apparel like custom embroidery. For only a slightly greater investment than screen printing, embroidery can give your custom polos an extra touch of professionalism, and also make their decoration more resilient and colorfast through repeated washings. Your sales team will exude class in custom polo shirts stitched with your company logo, while coaches shirts with embroidered team insignia let a sports coaching staff show their best team spirit.

But many of you may not be aware of just how convenient and affordable top-quality custom embroidery can be. With a combination of customer service and outstanding value, Pro-Celebrity Embroidery Services takes the hassle and guesswork out of the process.

Here is a step-by-step guide to how we can help you get the best embroidery decoration for your custom apparel:

Preparing Your Custom Logo for Shirt Embroidery

Unlike screen printing and other forms of shirt decoration that use inks and dyes to create custom visuals, embroidery stitches colored threads together to fashion a raised design rather than a flat image. The technique can create a striking, textured look with a silky sheen, yet it also imposes certain limitations on the graphics of an embroidered logo. Because threads come in solid colors, embroidery may not be able to replicate the shading and fine detail of some drawn or photographed images. Therefore, your logo will more effectively translate to embroidery if you design the image using only solid hues and clear, well-delineated color zones. Pro-Celebrity Embroidery Services offers a wide selection of thread colors from which to choose, and allows you to utilize up to six different colors in your embroidered logo.

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Digitizes Your Custom Logo

Once you’ve optimized your logo for embroidery, you’ll need to convert it to a DST computer file that digitizes the image for programming the embroidery machine. If you already work with an online designer or graphic artist who specializes in apparel decoration, you may be able to obtain a DST file to send to Pro-Celebrity, in which case we will charge you absolutely no setup fees for your embroidery order.

However, if you don’t have a DST file, you may submit either a physical sample of your proposed logo to Pro-Celebrity or send it to us in one of several acceptable computer image file formats (IE, JPG, PNG, or PDF) and we will handle the conversion to a DST file for a modest additional charge. The higher the resolution of the image you submit, the more easily and accurately it will translate to a finished embroidered logo.

Our Rates for Embroidery

We proudly provide $7.00 Per logo for qualified purchases! After you’ve submitted your proposed logo, Pro-Celebrity will be able to estimate the cost of your embroidery order based upon the number of stitches required to fashion the design. Both the setup fees (if required) and the per-logo price of the order are determined by this stitch count, and Pro-Celebrity offers very reasonable, competitive rates, particularly on small orders that some other vendors either won’t handle or will charge exorbitant fees for.

Logo rates:

$7.00 (A) Per logo for 1-5,000 stitches

$0.70 (A) every 1,000 stitches above 5,000

Setup rates:

New: $100 (A) (1-6,000 Stitches)

$20 (A) Every 1,000 Stitches thereafter


Logo Sample

We do provide logo sample for each order, and the first log sample is absolutely free. Once you approve the artwork, we will provide the sew out and it is complimentary on your order. After that, we charge $20 per request.

Minimum orders

Unlike many other vendors, Pro-Celebrity accepts minimum orders and offers very reasonable rates for those other vendors either won’t handle or will charge exorbitant fees for. We can do batches of as few as 12 pieces for an initial order and as few as six pieces for a follow-up order of the same shirt/logo combination, permitting our business-to-business clients to better serve the needs of all their customers. If you have questions, just contact us 800-368-6308.

Lead Time

As soon as we get written approval from you for the complete order, your embroidered shirts will be ready within 7 to 10 business days.

Rush Orders

Rush orders are also available! Please call 1-800-368-6308 for rates.

Polo Shirts Selections

When you’ve settled on your desired logo for embroidery, you need to choose the best blank polo shirts to complement your insignia. Select a shirt of a hue that will contrast enough to make your logo stand out but not clash with the colors of your design. You’ll also want a polo that suits both the functional needs and stylistic image of your team, whether they are sales associates on a showroom floor, or a coaching staff on a sports field!

Fortunately, Pro-Celebrity has a wide selection of top-quality apparel, most of which are available for both men and women. The broad array of eye-catching styles makes it easy to suit whatever image you want to convey, from corporate conservatism to super-slick sports star. In most cases, each style is offered in a variety of color combinations, so you’re sure to find a combo that matches your team colors or company logo.

All-Time Best Sellers for Embroidery

Our 2017 Apparel Catalog

Fabrics and Color

The fabric of your custom embroidered polo shirts is another important factor to consider. We recommend:

The state-of-the-art micro polyester used in Pro-Celebrity polo shirts ensures superior durability, snag and wrinkle resistance, and moisture-wicking when compared to the typical poly cotton blend, and provides a slick surface texture perfect for decorating with embroidery. For embroidered logos with small text or especially fine detail, we recommend selecting one of our smoother interlocking or jersey knits over a pique knit to achieve the best results. Please consult our handy Fabric Glossary when considering your choice.

Some Other Best Fabrics we recommend:

Embroidery apparel fabrics
Embroidery apparel fabrics
Embroidery apparel fabrics
Embroidery apparel fabrics

Embroidery Location

When you’ve picked the proper blank polos for your embroidery, you must decide where to place your logo for best effect. Pro-Celebrity Embroidery Services offers you five possible positions for your insignia: on either the left or right side of the chest, on the left or right sleeve, and on the “yoke” area of the back between the shoulder blades. You and your clients should think about which area would attract the most visibility for the logo with customers or sports fans in order to build a company brand or team recognition.

Polo shirts embroidery location guide

Our Embroidery Services Advantage

With your custom logo design digitized and your blank polos selected, you’re ready to take advantage of Pro-Celebrity’s incredible value and prompt, personalized service. Once the embroidery setup is complete and any required setup fees are paid, we will create one free sample logo for your evaluation and provide an estimate for the total cost of your order. Embroidered logos start as low as $7.00 each depending on the number of stitches required.

As a premier wholesaler of best-quality polo shirts for company uniforms and sports team apparel, Pro-Celebrity maintains its superlative standards with its excellent Embroidery Services. We offer you first-rate apparel, outstanding workmanship, fast turnaround times, and reasonable prices. Whether you’re decorating corporate employee attire or team outfits for a school physical education faculty, Pro-Celebrity will combine the finest shirts with first-rate embroidery to give you and your customers a winning look.