If you want to be a winner, you need a team uniform for pros, and that means wearing the best sports team polo shirts. Whatever your game is—whether you’re part of a coaching staff on the football field or a member of a sales team on the showroom floor—if you’re looking for coach shirt ideas, you want the team that’s gonna give you the winning edge: the Pro-Celebrity All-Stars!

Coaches shirt choice – CEO

CEO polo shirts - Male
CEO polo shirts - Female

CEO: The boss of polo shirts! The CEO shows that you’re a player and you mean business. Clean lines of contrasting color down the sides and across the shoulders resemble military trim and epaulets, exuding command and authority. A blend of polyester and Spandex lets you move comfortably while avoiding wrinkles and snags, and superior moisture management makes sure the opposing team never sees you sweat. Available in styles and sizes for both women and men.

Coaches shirt choice – Titan

Titan polo shirts - Female
Titan polo shirts - Male

TITAN: A giant among coaches shirts, this polo towers over the rest. Fashioned from a woven super-soft material, its Hi-Cool moisture-control technology and wrinkle-resistant fused lining make this a shirt that feels as good as it looks. Mesh stripes across the shoulders and along the sides not only add striking swaths of contrasting color, they increase ventilation for maximum coolness and comfort. Tailored for both men and women.

Coaches shirt choice – Elite

Elite polo shirts - Male
Elite polo shirts - Female

ELITE: Even among these top-tier All-Stars, this polo manages to be first among equals. Fashioned from an interlocking knit material, its ottoman weave gives the fabric a super-soft, smooth surface perfect for decorating. Slashes of color block mesh along the sleeves and sides on both the front and back make this shirt “ultra-cool” both in temperature control and eye-catching flair. A selection of 19 different color combos ensures that you’ll find a look that will keep your team in a class by themselves! Matching styles for both men and women.

Coaches shirt choice – Champion

Champion polo shirts - Female
Champion polo shirts - Male

CHAMPION: The name says it all! A classic solid-color polo that combines timeless style with cutting-edge moisture-control technology, this shirt is a player born to win. Combining micro polyester with Spandex, the hybrid double interlocking knit fabric grants you both superior elasticity for greater range of motion and strength for long-lasting durability and snag resistance. Go get ’em, Champ! Matching styles and a variety of colors available for women and men.

Coaches shirt choice – Long-Sleeved Fishing Shirt

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LONG-SLEEVED FISHING SHIRT: You don’t have to be a coach for the Marlins or the Dolphins to appreciate the perfect combination of form and function in this fishing shirt. The long sleeves give you crucial UPF 40 UV protection for long hours spent in bright sunlight on the playing field or at an outdoor job site. Button tabs let you roll up the sleeves to get the job done, while the shirttail looks great either tucked in or hanging loose. When you’ve won the game, roll the sleeves back down to go from casual to classy in an instant, and you’re ready to collect your trophy! Learn more and choose your color here.

Once you’ve selected the best polos for your employees or coaching staff, complete your team shirt’s winning look by adding your corporate or team logo. The fabric of these coaches shirts makes them perfect for decorating, whether by screen printing or embroidery appliqué. Pro-Celebrity’s outstanding Embroidery Services can offer you competitive pricing on large or complex orders for decoration options.

Our shirts are ideal for creating vintage designs for your custom coaches. For example, you can embroider your team insignia or company logo in a classic three-letter monogram layout on the right or left sleeve, the right or left side of the chest, or on the yoke of the back between the shoulder blades—whichever best suits your team’s needs. And if you can obtain a DST file of your logo from an online designer or graphic artist that you may then submit to us, there will be absolutely no setup fees for your order! Find out more about how to decorate your custom coaches shirts with embroidery by reading our previous blog post about the process.

Pro-Celebrity also offers adult combos in multiples styles and colors for those who want to complement their custom polo shirts with coaches shorts with pockets for men or attractive workout suits and outerwear for both women and men.

When it’s time to create a uniform that your coaching staff or sales associates can be proud of, you want the best-quality custom coaches shirts you can find. The choice is clear: the Pro-Celebrity All-Stars are the polos that can’t be beat!

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