Tales may abound about “the big fish that got away,” but this is no fish story: If you spend time outdoors, you need sun protection.

Whether you’re casting a fly rod, hiking up a mountain pass, playing a round of golf, perfecting your swing on the tennis court, biking along the beach, working in the yard, or picnicking in the park, our Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt and Pro Fishing shirt will not only keep you dry and comfortable but, thanks to their UPF40 rating, will limit your exposure to the more harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

UPF – ultraviolet protection factor – is similar to SPF ratings for sunscreens. For instance, standard summer fabrics have a UPF6 rating. They allow 1/6 of the sun’s radiation to reach your skin. Our soft Woven Mini Checker fishing shirts allow only 1/40th. Obviously, they are a much wiser choice!


  • You have fair skin.Do you burn more easily than your friends? If so, you’re also more vulnerable to the ill effects of UV rays. HOWEVER, even if you’re darker-complexioned, you can still develop skin cancer. Why not play it safe?

  • You’re at high elevations.As altitude increases, less atmosphere is available to absorb UV radiation

  • You’re at the equator.Here, the sun’s rays have a shorter distance to travel through the atmosphere. In other words, there’s more UV because it has yet to be absorbed by the atmosphere.

  • There’s snowpack.Snow reflects up to 80% of UV radiation, almost doubling your usual exposure.

  • You’re at the beach.While, compared to snow, water doesn’t sound so bad – reflecting less than 10% of UV radiation – dry sand on the beach and sea foam have higher levels, reflecting 15% and 25%, respectively.

  • It’s cloudy.Yes, UV levels are lower under cloudy skies…but light or thin clouds don’t count! They may even increase UV levels because of light scattering. In fact, sun-sensitive folks may even get sunburns in the open shade because of this effect if they’re outdoors too long.

  • You’re taking medications.Read medication labels carefully. Many drugs or herbal supplements increase sun sensitivity.

Better yet, purchase our fishing shirts and you won’t find yourself fishing for compliments. With their button-down construction, relaxed fit, chest pocket, and superb range of motion, you’ll net ‘schools’ of compliments!


Hold a shirt to the sun. Does light come through it? If so, watch out!

On the other hand, a tighter weave like you’ll find in our fishing shirts means that the spaces between the fibers are smaller. UV rays can’t penetrate.

Our micro-polyester fabric is created from a state-of-the-art moisture wicking yarn. It’s cool, fresh, and light weight…No more hauling heavy, cumbersome, sweat-drenched clothing along with your tackle box or backpack!

Vivid, darker colors tend to absorb more UV than lighter colors – which is why our fishing shirts come in an array of bright hues including blue, brown, black, and red. (Please note: red is available only in our Pro Fishing shirt) However, thanks to the superior quality of our Woven Mini Checker fabric, even our lighter-colored fishing shirts boast a UPF40 rating.

Here comes the sun. Now, go have some fun in it!

And, when you get home, feel free to release this great catch into the washer. Our fabric is not only machine washable and quick dry but it will continue to protect you washing after washing after washing.

Curiosity baited? Learn more about our long-sleeved fishing shirt, Pro Fishing shirt, and Pro Fishing vest here

You’ll soon be hooked!


Pro-Celebrity pro fishing shirt selection red/scarlet

If you’re a fisherman, you’ll love this fishing shirt. Yet even if the only fish you’re interested in are the “daily catch” on a restaurant menu, the denizens of Sea World, or the goldfish in a crackers box, you’ll wonder how you golfed, hiked, biked, played any team sport, cleaned the garage, worked in the yard, or ran errands without this new protective (UPF40) button-down shirt. Made of our soft Woven Mini Checker micro-polyester, this light-weight, multi-functional shirt will instantly become your wardrobe’s top lure.


Pro-Celebrity long sleeve fishing shirt selection khaki

Here is the Big Fish of fishing shirts! We’ve turned a simple shape into an emphatic style statement that is both rugged and relaxed, casual yet stylish. Whether you’re reeling in the day’s catch or heading out for a night on the town, the basic button-up shirt has never looked better.

PRO FISHING VEST – 2018 New Style

Pro-Celebrity long sleeve fishing vest selection green new style

We’ve got you covered! Keeping the heat at your core, our new Freestyle Vest is designed to keep you warm while layering it over your favorite polo, pullover or crew. Lightly insulated synthetic fill provides ultimate comfort. Get active with our double closure front and insulated, reinforced zipper pockets. Get wet with ease in our new Water Resistant Freestyle fabric. You were made for action, let us help you get there with our Diamond quilted must have Vest.

Pair with your favorite pant and nothing more. This fishing shirt stands on its own…just like the man who wears it!